The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

5 Seconds of *glee*

While I was out bicycling last week, I saw a couple of women walking their dogs on the side of the bike path, which is common. But when I looked closer, I noticed that the second "dog" was actually a black cat in a red harness! That made me ridiculously happy. :D

Yesterday's sighting was a dad pushing a perambulator-style stroller, in which a cute baby was sitting up and smiling at the world! Most babies at the bike path are in regular strollers, where neither they nor you can see much, so this was a sweet surprise. :)

I also saw a seriously long lizard (but managed to avoid hitting it, thank goodness). Even the small scooting ones I used to see all the time (like, 30 years ago) are rare these days, and I don't think I've ever seen one that size on the pavement. It's the time of year where I sometimes see some baby bunnies too, so *hopes*.

I'm kind of muddled as to what day it is. It feels like Wednesday, but isn't. I spent the whole weekend writing my Idol story, partly because I hadn't started anything real by bedtime Friday night. I had ideas, but I wouldn't have been able to work them up into anything interesting enough for this late in the game. I had a new idea just before going to bed on Friday, and wrote myself a note. Saturday, I started working on it, and thanks to a lot of unplanned research, I was still writing right up to within ten minutes of the Sunday deadline. Again. \o?

Still, I think it was worth it. We're at the Top 20 for this Idol season, and it's always more challenging at the end. And one of the things we really need, as more contestants get eliminated and drift away, is more readers and voters! So please take a look at my story, if you're so inclined-- there's a link to the poll with ALL of the week's entries at the bottom, and you'll find some great stuff there with an impressive range of approaches. \o/

Next week... the weather is threatening to go back up into the mid-upper 90s. /o\ I keep thinking it's way too early for that, but then I remember that it is actually May now even though I feel like I'm still stuck in March. :O

Tags: cycling, me, omg the weather, random

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