The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote In August

A little behind on this. Between writing a lot and starting the pbfic_exchange2 replacement community, I'm struggling to catch up.

Restless Spirits (the Oregon fic for spn_50states). Second chapter links off of the first.
The Overshadowed Truth-- my final entry for super_summer on "Shadows." 3 first-person POVs: Dean, Sam and John.
Vestige d'Amour-- Drabble on "Sibling Rivalry."
Uncertainties-- Drabble on "Firsts." Mary's POV.
The Open Road-- Drabble on "Joy."
Agonies Of The Soul-- Four Drabbles on "Pain": John, Dean, Jess, Sam.

Slash or Gen, up to you: The Unexpected Ending-- Drabble on "Lasts."

Smoking Gun (R)-- Gun porn.
Held Fast (R)-- Drabble smut for acostilow.

J-Squared RPS:
Adrift (PG-13)-- (4-drabble arc): A journey to an unknown destination.

Father's Day-- Michael's POV: What is Father's Day for someone without a father?

Enthralled (PG)-- Lincoln/Michael: That voice would be the death of him...
Payback (NC-17, Darkish)-- Lincoln/Michael: If they were different, this is how it would be...
Impaired Judgment (NC-17)-- Lincoln/Michael: Sometimes you cross a line without even knowing you’re doing it…

24: Chicks Rule, Boys Drool (Humor)-- Season 5 from Chloe's POV.
Drabble Meme #2-- Drabbles on X-Files, The Shield, J-Squared Love, and other stories listed here.
Tags: monthly_fic_list

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