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LJ Idol Season 11: "Excellent Teamwork"

Excellent Teamwork
idol season 11 | week 17 | 724 words
Negative Reverse


I see the director has brought us all together again. It must be time for a new project. Hey, why not? It's better than sitting around all day. Boy, that sure gets old…

Hang on, I think I've spotted an old friend over by the break room. "Hey, Ro! I haven't seen you in around a while!"

"I know!" he says. "What's it been, a couple of years since we last worked together? On a construction budget, if I remember."

"That's right," I say. "Oh boy, it's all coming back to me now. That sure blew up in our faces."

"It started off okay," a voice behind me chimes in, "before all the miscellaneous expenditures got out of hand."

Ro groans. "Yeah, but it's always like that. If I had ten bucks for every time that happened, I'd be… well, the math's not important, but there'd be money involved."

"What? The math's the only thing that matters!"

I knew I recognized that voice. It's Phil, already primed for one of his personal rants. "Hey, Phil," I say, wracking my brain for a distraction. "Nice suit," I add feebly. There's a reason no one's ever impressed by my attempts at small talk.

"Hello, Adelaide."

"Please, it's Addie," I say.

"Whatever," Phil sniffs. He wanders off, probably to look at his paycheck for the zillionth time, but that's okay. Gone is gone.

"Is that Negan over there?" Ro whispers. Negan makes him nervous, not surprisingly. He always messes with the data. I've worked with Negan a couple of times, and it's hard to say whether he's a good guy or not. I guess it just depends which side of the equation you're on.

"Looks like it. Next to Rand, you mean?"

"Yes, right th—"

But then Negan's gone. And so is Ro.

Ughhh, not again.

The director always thinks he's such a wizard! One minute, we're all gathering together and figuring out our places, and then suddenly he undoes something and pulls the rug right out from under us. Reverse!

You never know how far back the undoing will go. It could be just a few seconds, or it could involve going back weeks—or even months. What's worse is that he can always change his mind again, and redo what he undid. Reverse-reverse!

Sometimes I don't know whether I'm coming or going. Just thinking about it makes me queasy.

Plus, it's just rude. No one likes to imagine how foolish they must look—getting yanked away mid-sentence, mouth open and on the verge of saying something that instead just becomes "Buh-ll-guh-uh!"


So. No Ro, at least for now. I wonder if he'll be back? Or if I'm next?

Oh, there's Max. "Hey, Max, are you part of this thing?"

"I'm not sure. For now, I guess, right?"

"Does anyone know what we're working on? I haven't seen any specs."

Tab wanders over. "I heard year-end Capital Assets, but that could just be a rumor."

"Really?" Max says. "It seems like we just did that. But what do I know? You lose all sense of time in this job…"

"I heard that," Tab mutters.

Ro's back again, and Coll's with him.

"Look out!" Max yells, and I duck as a depreciated disk array goes flying past my head.

"Not cool!" Tab says.

Things are really moving now, with numbers and notations piling in from all sides. Looks like we're just about ready to—


Freakin' Mr. Wizard just reverted a bunch of stuff. Geez, we're trying to get things done here, and he keeps screwing around with us. The guy can't make up his mind.

Max gets yanked across the room to a new cell, and Negan kicks a bunch of computers at me. Someone puts a shiny new web-server on the table next to me.

I can see Ro highlighting a bunch of stuff across the way, and Coll is lining things up for me.

Wait, have we all stopped moving around? Have we?

It looks like it. I think we're actually set.

"This is it, Addie," Coll says. "Take it away."

"Okay, guys," I say. I start humming, and a few of the cells join in.

"Come on." Coll pokes the others while I wait. "All together, now, everybody," he says.

We're poised and ready, and I finally do my thing:



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Tags: my_fic, original_fiction, real lj idol
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