The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Cabin Fever Week 3

I've been exclusively working from home for 2+ weeks now, and haven't been out of the house in all that time except for yardwork or walking/biking. Meanwhile, HalfshellHusband has made far too many trips to various stores to keep us supplied with food and toilet paper. The hoarding thing has definitely been bizarre and unhelpful.

I'm definitely feeling a little stir-crazy, and for those of you who are also in self-lockdown, I'm sure you are too. I hope you're all doing well!

Because gyms have closed down, the number of people exercising outdoors has really increased. The bike path was a zoo on Saturday, almost what you'd expect if a continuous 3-week rainstorm had finally ended. I bike downstream on weekends, which is not as nice as upstream but always less crowded. I hadn't been down there in a couple of weeks, so I was surprised that part of it smelled as if a skunk might have *foomed* either it or some person/animal in transit. That always makes me nervous. Did the fooming happened at night, or does the danger still exist? Yikes.

Being that the weather can't decide between Winter and Spring, we've had a lot of rainy and/or windy days, so I've been biking in the garage a lot too. I finished the final season of Burn Notice last week (in which Michael Westen ruins the lives of everyone unlucky enough to love him). I briefly tried seeing whether the wireless on the inexpensive home laptop I got at Christmas is powerful enough to stream Netflix in the garage, but no. That hasn't worked since my previous work laptop. Maybe I need bluetooth to boost the signal? And possibly something to boost the volume on that thing too, because Oy.

So I've started watching Elementary DVDs now, instead. I don't think I ever saw anything before late S1 or early S2, so most of the first season is new to me. That show still has one of the best opening-credit sequences ever. MAD LOVE!

And in real TV watching, The Boy is back for Spring Break (and now the entire Spring Quarter), so we're finally watching S2 of Altered Carbon. I miss the rugged Elias Ryker sleeve from S1 (because hubba-hubba!), but I'm always glad to see the original Kovacs and the intriguingly baby-faced and deadly Quell.

But most of all, Poe. All the Poe!

All right, so randomly: has Weird Al made a parody My Corona cover of the classic Knack song yet?

Tags: cycling, me, random, tv

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