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Update #1, TV and Movies

I wish I had more movies to talk about. We haven't seen one in the theater since The Rhythm Section in January (which was a bit of escapist fun). We watched Thor because it was streaming somewhere, and I now realize why everyone went nuts over Loki after that movie. He's more attractive and compelling to me when he's all hurt feelings and soulful pain. Those eyes! Although mischief-Loki is outrageous fun for other reasons...

We rented Dark World via Netflix after that, and realized we'd already seen all but the first 5 minutes not that long ago (we recorded it, but it had already started). Less fun on all counts, though Thor looks better in the second and third movies. The longer, dark-blond hair suits him better.

If only I could talk about The Farewell! But it's been at the top of my Netflix queue since December, and somehow never makes it to the house. :(


In TV news, we've been enjoying the show we like to call "Whacky Daddy," and which its network calls Prodigal Son. Damned if Michael Sheen doesn't have the best Crazy Hair and impish smile! But I'm mainly watching for Tom Payne, who looked better as 'Jesus" in The Walking Dead but is still pretty yummy here as the tormented soul whose father is a serial killer.

Michael Sheen makes me think of 'Good Omens,' and while we're not interested in seeing that just yet, it inspired us to give American Gods a try via Netflix. That is a fascinating and entertaining show, with gorgeous art direction (it's a Bryan Fuller product, so no surprise there). It's been a few years since I read the book, so perhaps I'm not remembering it very well? But I don't recall there being a leprechaun (or even a Dead Wife), and I really don't remember anything like the "media" character Gillian Anderson is playing (and what an annoying character that is, in most of its incarnations). I like the casting for Odin and Shadow Moon, though. We've watched S1, and will probably start S2 soon.

On Netflix streaming, we watched S1 of The Sinner. We didn't even know the show existed until I read a Sunday paper feature story about Matt Bomer starring in S3. Well! With that, plus Bill Pullman as the main character (a police detective), we decided to try out the earlier seasons while the TiVo records S3.

We watched S1 of The Travelers on Netflix last Fall, and hope to get back to S2. But first, I see that Happy Valley is about to leave streaming. That is not good, because HalfshellHusband doesn't like it as much as I do, so it's been sitting in My-List limbo for awhile. Not sure if I'll get to it before it goes offline. :(

Meanwhile, we didn't realize Shetland had left Netflix streaming. Oh, tragedy! We wanted to rewatch the series before seeing S5, so that's really disappointing. Might have to watch it via a free trial of "BritBox" on Amazon instead, in which case we may FINALLY also get to see S5 of Luther. \o?

So much good stuff, so little time. We are watching S2 of Amazon's Jack Ryan, but also have in mind to watch S2 of Absentia, Orphan Black, Mindhunter, and Altered Carbon. The big question for that last one is whether The Boy will want to watch it with us while he's here on Spring Break...

Meanwhile, I finished last season's Mr. Robot, but have yet to watch more than a few minutes of S4. I always have to concentrate to figure out what's going on, so late-night solo viewing while multitasking between Idol or paying bills and what-not just isn't the time. That's what Law & Order: SVU reruns are for!

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