The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Cat lovers of the world...

When you need to move your kitty, and it's all curled up into a nice circle of softness, do you
1) Nudge it awake and off of wherever it is?
2) Pick it up under the armpits or belly and lift it off the surface?
Or do you sometimes
3) Pick it up and move it in its circular form, like a fuzzy little dinner plate? \o?

Ours may be the only family that refers to that shape as a 'dinner plate,' but I'm betting we're not the only ones who sometimes opt to move the kitty "as is."

I may actually get a real update out later, but I wanted to spread the word about LJ Idol. there's a poll going on for which of a subgroup of Main-competition and Second-Chance players should move forward into the Main comptition. Voting is pretty close for some of them, so we could really use more readers and voters to help decide the outcome! The poll is here, and there are only 8 stories to read and choose from by 9pm EST tonight! Please help if you can!

Okay, off to get more caffeine. First workday after "Spring Forward" is always a challengggezzzzz...

Tags: my_cats, pimpity, random

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