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This cat.

On Saturday, I was in the kitchen when someone came up the walkway and rang the doorbell. The cat popped right up on his hind legs in front of the picture window to see who was out there. Then he trotted to the door with me, assessed the visitors when I opened the door, and then went flailing all "Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooooo!" past them out into the front yard like a lunatic. \o?

Then Sunday, a new low in cat ownership. Not as in, "This is the worst cat-related thing that's ever happened to me," but as in, "This is a new bleah I really could have done without."

He came to see me and paraded around for pets. Then he sat his rump down and I noticed a dead, half-shriveled worm stuck to his belly fur. EWWWWwwwww! I had to pry that off him with a Kleenex and flush everything down the toilet. And you know he must have just flopped down on that thing without even noticing it. Yark.

Monday, I nearly hit one of those Canadian geese I wrote about for LJ Idol last week. I was driving through the parking lot, singing along with the MP3 player, and I noticed something entering down into my field of vision. It was a fat goose belly with dangling legs and flapping wings. No idea why it suddenly decided to fly in front of my SUV, but I slowed down so it could get away. \o?

Speaking of Idol, sign-ups are open now for Second Chance Idol! If you've thought about playing but missed the first sign-up window in Septeber, or you byed-out or were voted-out too soon, now's your chance to get in the game! I hope to see some of you come back, and I would love to see some NEW people give it a shot. You can do it! People write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, all sorts of things. We have some amazing writers for whom English is not even their first language. That could be you! *tempts* *tempts*

And speaking of languages, courtesy of the New York Times Crossword (where I get all sorts of random facts), it appears that The Daily Show's Trevor Noah is fluent in eight languages. EIGHT! I'm sure some of those were learned in childhood, which is the best and easiest way, but still. I learned just two other languages from my teens onward, and I struggle a little with "cross-pollination" of vocabulary not just between those two but also from a bunch of other languages. Thanks to working in radio as a Classical music announcer for 10 years, I picked up a lot of random French and Italian words and a little Latin. The occasional Russian/Swedish/Norwegian/Czech/Hungarian stuff is less of a problem, but the others cause enough trouble on their own.

Instead of the parallel "word in language X" for something, I often get the "top-of-mind non-English word" instead. So, if I were working in German, for "left" and "right," I might come up with gauche and droite instead of "Links" and "Rechts." The German is still there, but the French jumps the line. Thank you, Satie, whose violin piece I practiced in college! \o?

I salute those of you who are truly multilingual and whose words obey you. :D

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