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during an online work meeting from higher-ups. Rah-rah-rah, blah-blah-blah. \o?

The kids came and went for Thanksgiving, much too quickly but it was great having them home. Our son spent too much time having to work on an 8-page essay paper due Monday (Finals start next week), and our daughter tends to flit even though she is unemployed as of last Friday and kind of in panic mode (which just prompts more flitting, in my experience). :O

(Is this our new business-unit leader talking right now? What a high, thin, nasal voice. Urgh).

Our daughter recommended Amazon's Modern Love, so we watched a few episodes with her while she was here. We also rewatched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, which she said she wasn't interested in seeing but quickly tuned into. Our son was researching Greek history on his computer, and the last he'd heard we were thinking about watching an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (because our daughter FINALLY gave that a try, and is now in season 4). So, he came out of his note-taking fog and looked up at some point and thought, "Wait, is this really Buffy The Vampire Slayer? It doesn't look quite right. And she's gotten kind of fat..."

I finished Tara Westover's Educated during the break, which was riveting and disturbing and often infuriating. What an awful way for a child to grow up. But what was more infuriating was discovering, courtesy of reviews on Goodreads, that there are a significant number of people who think much of it must be made up. Because children never have crazy, obsessed parents like that? Because fellow church members and acquaintances would have noticed (even though the family lived in a large isolated area, near a tiny rural Idaho town, and kept the children out of school and out of town as much as possible)? Because if people HAD noticed, they would have intervened (really? Always? With what authorities? When no laws were broken? And when, if anyone might have considered an informal intervention, the father and older sons were raging gun-nuts)?

Because children have never escaped from horrible imprisonment and/or abuse even in neighborhood homes inside regular suburbs?

One of the most maddening comments was in the top 'answered questions,' in which the poster essentially disparaged the brainwashed author for taking so long to realize that she'd been brainwashed. *stabbity rage*

Ahem. So yes, lots of feelings and opinions!

After that, I zipped through Lisa Jewell's The Family Upstairs, which had some similar themes. Pure coincidence. Hard to put down, as most of Jewell's books are, though it felt as if it ended before the story was over. :O

And right now? I purloined our daughter's The Devil In The White City a while back, and started and then stopped it a couple of times. My prevailing thought last time around was, "Man, this font is small! Even with reading glasses!" So, I got the bright idea to read it on Kindle, where I could make the font as big as I needed to. Whoo! I'm at least 4 chapters in, now. :D

I've also been making my way through and enjoying books in the Sandman Slim and Mrs. Pollifax series (for the ultimate disconnect). The first book in the Eric Carter series was fun too, though it felt a little like a Sandman Slim rip-off. But those two authors are friends, so I guess they're okay with it. \o?

Apart from Thanksgiving and kids and TV and books, there has also been Idol (who knows whether this week's story will get written by tomorrow?) and some Black Friday frenzy. And rain. LOTS of rain, finally. We did a lot of great outdoor bicycling this Fall, when it wasn't super-windy, but there's been a lot of garage biking this last couple of weeks and there's more to come. I'm in season 5 of rewatching Burn Notice out there. Thank goodness for Sam Axe. And the repeated appearances of Michael's Not-Dead-Partner Larry.

So, what have all of you been up to?

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