The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Coming up for air...

Boy, it's been a rough month! Very busy at work these past four weeks, stretching on into the night and the weekends. I got home before 8:00 last night, which has been pretty rare lately. My bedtime has been drifting toward 2 a.m., and the stress is causing me to Eat All The Things. Ugh.

The week before last, I had to drive over to the parkway from our house, in order to go biking before it got too dark. Twice.

Terrible timing as far as LJ Idol is concerned. It's been hard to get creative thinking going, harder to get it to complete, and I've been posting really close to the deadline. And this is the beginning of the season! For Week 1, I spent the weekend grinding away at my entry while also debugging stuff for work (and work won). The only real break was a movie date to see Ad Astra, which was really good and which I definitely recommend.

So, I'm still trying to de-stress. It's hard to get out of the habit once it's gone on for more than a few days. It really locks in!

While our son was home this summer, we didn't go out to see any movies (and the selection is usually pretty awful then, anyway). Ad Astra was the one we'd been looking forward to, and there were a few other new ones that looked interesting. We'd hoped to get out last weekend, but the reviews for Gemini Man were pretty bad. We really like both Ang Lee and Will Smith, but I also remember going to see The Hulk because we liked Ang Lee and Eric Bana, and that started out okay and then degenerated into a bizarre video game or something, so no. Maybe Lucy In The Sky next weekend? \o?

Meanwhile, I've got a ton of LJ Idol entries to read, because it's been so busy that I've barely started into this week's stories. Here goes... Dive! Dive!

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