The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Well, that was quick...

We drove our son down to L.A. for college on Saturday, and then drove home on Sunday. Boy, I remember the days when a quick trip like that just meant a lost weekend. Now, it wipes me out!

Not to mention the funk that settles in afterwards as empty-nest syndrome returns all over again. :( It's better today than Monday, but it's still hard...

On a lighter note, trips out of town mean bringing along the Garmin GPS unit, which is both helpful and a source of unplanned entertainment.

Our GPS system butchers Spanish and other foreign-language words pretty badly, and sometimes struggles with fairly typical English ones. It doesn't always recognize composites, so Lakeshore comes out as lacka-shore, and it uses a peculiar half-French pronunciation of boulevard that sounds like BOO-leh-vard. Like other algorithmically-generated audio systems, it also sometimes resorts to yodeling when it's really unsure what to do. So, Terwilliger (in Portland) comes out as Teh-ER-eh-wil-AZH-er (which is also oddly half-French, for no good reason).

During our weekend trip, the GPS unit launched into some Spanish street-name begining with "La" and immediately mangled it into "Lay," which brought back memories of one of our Hawaii vacation highlights:

We took the GPS along for that too, and it was REALLY hopeless with Hawaiian words—absolutely pathetic. Still, the last thing you expect for a street named "Kamehameha III" is to hear it pronounced "Kammy-hammy-ha Ai-yi-yi!" :O


The hotel location in Kona was totally worth it just for the number of times THAT little surprise popped up whenever we drove around. Holy cow! \0/

Tags: my_kids, random

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