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Fan Fic Fridays~~~

From pamalax's journal: Fan Fic Fridays!

This is to participate in, and include in your own journal.

1. What is your fic of the moment? - (Writers)

2. Fan fic recs--- Read something lately that needs pimping? Old? New? Anything?

3. Read/Comment and review.-- For the love of writers everywhere, please comment and review.


So I'll start here:

1. What Am I Working On?
You know I never tell anyone! But I'll make an exception. I'm working on "Always" again (shhhh!), and on a goofy prompt for pamalax (*groan* Have not even started it yet). Also working on a T-Bag "5-Things" fic (shhh!), some Supernatural drabbles, and some 1-sentence things. These are the planned stories. Sometimes other stuff happens (usually it's 60-minute_fics, sometimes it's a challenge. Or a rabid plot bunny)

2. Fan Fic Recs
Mona's Parts Of Speech won "Best Dean" at The Lawrence Awards. Read it and you will see why. Absolutely incredible.
My favorite T-Bag fic of all time by an author who has unfortunately disappeared: princessdoe's Beneath The Skin. It's the making of a monster, and so very, very good. Creepy but not sickening, and so incredibly vivid.

3. Read, Comment and Review
For the love of Michael Scofield, please read the fics at pbfic_exchange2 and comment! I have catching up to do myself (a LOT), but we have all but the last fic posted, and there is just incredible stuff over there. These are your fellow authors who slaved over these fics! Please support them!
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