The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

On The Road...

We're up in Oregon visiting family, so I'm only online here and there. Things were ridiculously busy leading up to this trip. I was up until almost 2 a.m. the night before we left, getting work things settled for the next week and a half. :O

The trip up here... oh, boy. When we drove up a year ago, it was so smoky that we couldn't see much of anything from about Willows to Weed, and there was a lot of smoke going farther north as well. We had no idea the burn damage was so extensive. Much of the forest near I-5 from Redding northward is gone. There is a pocket near Castle Crags that was untouched, but so much of the area is just destroyed. It'll be 20 years or longer before it even begins to resemble forest again. So sad. :(

There were no other interesting sights along the way, unlike the scattered plastic chairs across I-5 we almost crashed into a couple of years ago.

I HAVE had a couple of wildlife sightings on some recent bike rides. One was a group of quail crossing the bike path up in front of me, where the chicks were so new they still had fuzz instead of feathers. They were running after the lead quail, flapping their little arms. Armlets? Winglets? Wingalings? So cute.

The other event was this Monday. There was a snowy egret in a tree, sitting upright and looking so out of place. I have never seen an egret in a tree before.

With all these years of riding, I have also never seen a turtle crossing the bike path (or anywhere near it), and yet HalfshellHusband has seen that twice in the last couple of years. They must like him better!

Our new kitty is doing well, getting comfortable in his new home. He loves the stairs-- they feature very prominently in his play sessions, where he rockets up and down them, and pauses along the way to look for scary things waiting to get him through the bannisters. SO much energy.

He's found out where The Boy's room is, and spends a lot of time monitoring The Boy's location--much like his predecessor. HSH went upstairs the other morning to shut windows, and found the cat lying in front of the closed door to The Boy's room, chin on his paws and looking as flat and dejected as any cat can.

That was slightly more pathetic than those times when the cat drags his mouse toy out of the jar in the living room and plays with it all by himself... And he does NOT lack for attention.

Except for now, while we're on vacation and The Boy is working long days at his summer job. :O

Tags: cycling, my_cats

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