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I thought I was going for a bike ride yesterday, despite the heat, but after getting sunblocked and ready and then checking to see how hot it was... 95o at 11:30 a.m.! GAH! Foiled again. :(

My absolute limit is about 94 degrees, at the end of a ride-- and when that happens, it's usually the result of denial about how bad the temperature is going to get. :O *cue theme music for another round of Why-the-hell-do-I-LIVE-here?*

So instead, I rode in the garage and struggled to make it to 55 minutes before calling it quits. And then attacked the garage with the shop-vac, because the cobweb situation was out of control again. I swear, Sacramento is all heat, spiders, and blowing dirt. Ugh. /o\

In entertainment news... we're slowly catching up on iZombie. I'm SO desperate for a happy ending, especially after how dark the show has become, but it's not on the horizon yet. Evil!MarciaBrady is really testing my patience. I know the character has an actual name, but that's who she is in my head. Her come-uppance is really overdue. I'm hoping it happens, and that irony is involved...

We're nearing the end of Stranger Things, S3, which... IDK. At least it's not all about 13-year-olds making out, which nobody wants to see. Much of what I like about this series is the soulfulness of El's character, which finally rose up about mid-season. The gore and the mysteriously increasing 'loser' rep dogging Steve? Not a fan. :(

However, thanks to [personal profile] thewayne, I have this Stranger Things: The Wonder Years video to share. It's funny even if you've never watched "The Wonder Years," which I haven't. Our son enjoyed it too, and then led me to this Star Wars bad-lip-reading video, which was totally new to me. How can that weird little fake song be so catchy? It's earworm-y. \o?

This past weekend, we rewatched the LEGO Batman movie, since our son hadn't seen it before and the humor is right up his alley. I still get a kick out of it—the random sidekicks like "Condiment King" and whatever that derpy Bunny thing is, the L-shaped components of the flopping-around-the-floor tantrum, the mini Lego lobster, the choice of 'super-bad' criminals locked away in the phantom zone.

I also like that LEGO Batman has his own personal, grumpy canon. When he's asked, "So, you live in Bruce Wayne's basement?", Batman answers, "No, Bruce Wayne lives in Batman's ATTIC." That's his worldview in a nutshell.

And hey—more power to him!

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