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Finally, after a wait of forEVER..

We have a new kitty!

When our near-term traveling finished in late June, we were finally in a position to start looking at adoptable cats again. First, I had to get all my shoes and belts out of the laundry room after the Great Closet De-Molding Project, which took a couple of weeks. Then we prepped the washer/dryer area of the laundry room, in case we wound up with another shy animal who wanted to hide behind the washing machine (what a pain THAT was when we were trying out foster kitties). We were then able to go to the city animal shelter one weekend (a complete waste, as they closed early and we didn't even get to meet any of their cats), and back to the county animal shelter the following weekend.

A very enthusiastic shelter volunteer selected several friendly, shorthaired young-adult cats for us to meet. There was a sweet orange female who was a little too timid, and a friendly black-and-white medium-haired one who set off HSH's allergies. We went into a shared room to meet a different female cat, but the male cat in that room got to us first. He craved attention much more than the other cat did, and was extremely happy to sit on HSH's lap and be petted. A.K.A., he was not remotely intimidated by HSH, which was a big issue when we were trying to work with foster cats.

So, despite our goal of getting a 1- to 2-year-old cat, we picked one who was estimated to be 4. Again. But what a personality! He's sweet and cuddly, and loves to be with people, and he's very polite. He's also healthy, apart from a cataract in his left eye that is probably the result of an earlier injury.

Our regular vet thinks he's probably closer to being three than four, which certainly fits with his non-cuddling behavior. This cat has turned "running around scaring yourself when you're bored" into an Olympic event. Wow.

After a lot of debate over naming him (and searching online for "sweetheart," "friendly," and "friend" in other languages), we settled on calling him "Kashka." This is not the Russian girl's name, it's the African boy's name that means "friendly man." And he really, really is!

Meet our new boy... :)


Tags: my_cats, whoo!

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