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Back and meme-ing

The previous weekend's trip down south to watch our daughter's college graduation and to pick up our son for the summer went well, apart from some run-ins with excessive L.A. traffic and an unholy number of bathroom stops (due to HalfshellHusband's Lasix meds). The weather was nice—fairly cool for this time of year, and southern California apparently also had a late spring, as bunches of things were blooming that have previously always been dead and 'done' during my other mid-June pick-up runs. There were gorgeous purple Jacaronda trees all over L.A. and San Diego, and purple ice plant along some of the hills in and around L.A.

We had to leave with my moldy closet project half-finished. Things that still needed cleaning and putting away were strewn across multiple rooms, and the house was in a state. Ugh... SUCH a long process. Last weekend, I Googled how to get mold out of suede and leather (an ongoing problem in this house). The answer made me lose the will to live. Good grief—with all of those belts and shoes, that meant hours more work! I finally finished the whole thing yesterday around 6pm, so it was three weekends and a month of chaos to take care of that chore. /o\

Let's meme instead. This is the "random three questions" thing that's been going around, and [personal profile] bleodswean gave me these:

1. lakes
These have been the foundation of my hiking and backpacking experiences over the years. As a child, my first backpacking trip was up to a lake in the Utah mountains (12 miles in, because I do not know WHAT my Dad was thinking—two families and six kids, where my little sister and I were the youngest at ages 6 and 5. Seriously. Though we made it).

From when I was about 7- to 13-years old, we backpacked into a lake in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Area in Oregon for our summer vacation. We swam, hiked, played with other kids, played with the baby toads that were everywhere in August. Good times. :)

As an adult, my favorite California hiking has been in the Lakes Basin area of the Sierra Nevada. We used to go car camping there with the kids for a weekend each summer, but stopped once they got older and our daughter lost interest. Also, HSH hates camping. :( I've only hiked there a couple of times since then. I miss it!

2. bath or shower
I used to prefer baths to showers—who doesn't love soaking in the tub with a book? But over the last 15-16 years, it seems as if I'm always in so much of a hurry that even setting time aside for a nice hot bath just isn't a priority anymore. However, whirlpool tubs at B&Bs are still my vacation preference, when it's just HSH and me. :)

3. trampolines
My first three years of elementary school, rainy day recesses were spent in the gym, which had a trampoline. I LOVE trampolines! I can't do any tricks of the tumbling sort because they kick off my vertigo, so that's a risky activity, but basic jumping up-and-down and the occasional drop-sit are good enough for me. :)

OTOH, the vertigo plus bouncing makes trampolines even MORE fun! It also adds a bit of mystery, which you don't get much of as an adult. Bounce houses do the same, to a lesser degree. Sadly, I haven't spent much time with either since our youngest was about 8...

That's it for me. If you'd like three random topics of your own, just leave me a note in the comments! :D

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