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Incremental progress

I've been working on getting things done around the house and yard in the weekends between our anniversary trip and next weekend's college graduation/pickup run. Mainly, removing bulbs from the yard (while I can still tell where they are) and finally, finally tackling the mold problem in the master bedroom closet.

The bulb thing will take forever. I cleared out the garden area on one side of the driveway. That took about 8 hours total, broken up over three separate days. Now I'm working on the walkway. Tons. TONS of bulbs. Probably about 100-150 on each side, clustered in about 20-25 groups. /o\

The closet chore took two weekends, to do half of the closet at a time. That involved removing the contents from one side, cleaning mildewed clothes and purses/shoes/belts, deciding what to donate or store away in vacuum-seal bags, cleaning the hangers, and then scrubbing and wiping down the walls/ceiling/shelves/floor with a water-vinegar solution... Gah. So tedious.

I'm still not done, and I haven't put anything from the second half away yet. Instead, I was up late last night reviewing and editing our daughter's final essay for college. It was a bittersweet experience, full of pride for how well she writes and all the amazing work she's done over these last four years, and sadness that this part of her life is over, because I know how much she'll miss it. *sniffle*

On a different topic, I've been meaning to do a brain-dump for weeks of all things viewed and read. So, let me tackle the viewing part.

We've been catching up on this season's final episodes of The Blacklist. Let me just say that after 5 seasons and multiple appearances, it is WAY too late to make Brian Dennehy's character Russian. WHY would you even think of doing that? /o\ Overall, much of this season has had some truly painful (angst-painful, not WTF-painful) plot lines that have been stressful and emotionally hard to watch. And Liz's character has been annoying throughout, first dangerously obsessed with finding out the truth about Red, and then being all 'La-la-la-la' dippy as if none of the consequences of her actions were harmful. Also, there's the disappearing sister...

Blindspot has returned after a month-long hiatus. Apart from wanting to kill Jane most of the season, my thoughts about this show are that more Patterson and more Rich-dot-com are always welcome. :) Except for the Fourth-Wall-shattering thing involving Patterson's father. :O

I've been getting caught up on the latest season of Z Nation via Netflix (it became a victim of our Tivo meltdown over Christmas). I'm glad 10K's skeevy facial hair is gone, though I'm mystified over why Red still exists, plot-wise. Because *fan-service hand-waving* is not a legitimate reason.

I do like George, though. She's a strong and compassionate character, and I'm guessing the Hurt/Comfort femme-slash fanfiction must be off the charts for her and Lieutenant Warren. Unless I'm wrong and there's no interest in it, but I can't imagine that being the case? If your reaction to all this is, "Whoa, throw down the fossil flag, Halfshell—Hurt/Comfort slash? That is not even a thing anymore. What decade do you think this IS?", well... I don't want to know.

We finished S2 of the Netflix show Border Town. We refer to it as "Old Finns," because there is now another Netflix police drama set in Finland called Deadwind, which we call "New Finns." I really like the female lead on Deadwind.

As for the late-season network TV shows, we tried The Inbetween last week just to see if we liked it. We definitely did—both of us really wanted to binge-watch the whole series now, which sadly is not a choice. :O

We've also seen The Code, where Blindspot's Roman (Remy's brother) stars as a Marine Corps lawyer. He looks impossibly young without a beard—like, 25 or so—and I do think he was more attractive as woobie!Roman. But so far, we mostly like the show, and hope that it isn't destined to become just a "pretty people" vehicle. Also, we call it "The Cod." Somehow, the episode titled P.O.G. made that happen.

That's all for now. *whew*

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