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And in last week's news...

We got back from our Memorial Day Weekend anniversary trip to the coast almost a week ago. It was really nice, and it had been a while. We used to go on romantic getaways at least a couple of times a year before we had kids, but it has been closer to once every 5-7 years since. :O

They're a great way to rejuvenate your relationship away from the distractions of, say, chores. And more chores. And open-ended home projects, and the office rut, and on top of all that? Chores. /o\

We went to Point Reyes, which is where we used to go for our anniversary back in the day. We got there early enough on Saturday to have a short, slow hike up the main trail and back. It rained on Sunday, so we explored the town of Pt. Reyes Station and drove around for a bit, then watched a movie in our room before dinner. Monday, I went for a solo hike (those trails were steeper than I remembered), and then we relaxed for a bit before going out to dinner at Vladimir's (a Czech restaurant, which we chose because how often does an opportunity like that present itself?) The lodgings were nice, and we made great use of the jacuzzi. It turned we were also right next door to a sporadically-used pasture, which we discovered Sunday morning when insistent mooing started up around 9 a.m. and went on for hours. We were both awake by then, but geez. Were those chronically dissatisfied animals, or was it a cow-poetry slam? :O

The restaurant menus were somewhat similar at all the nearby places, with leanings toward the kinds of things you would find via the Hipster Menu Generator. They're a reminder that you're in Marin County, and they straddle the line between snobby cuisine and the offerings of an incestuous group of chefs who are possibly more focused on out-weirding each other than on creating food that is uniquely delicious. Vladimir's made for a refreshing contrast. ;)

The place where we stayed was supposed to have a DVD player, and we brought a few movies toward that purpose. Instead, they had Netflix and trial episodes of various things on Amazon. Hey, we already surf those same choices at home and regularly find nothing to watch! Netflix was showing the RDJ/Jude Law Sherlock Holmes we'd brought, so we did watch that. We also saw Burnt (ironically appropriate for the restaurant experience we were having), and we tried a new Amazon series called Fearless that we've continued at home.

We had to check out of our lodgings late Tuesday morning, so after a stop at the Bovine Bakery for more scones and chocolate chip cookies, we headed back home and arrived in time for both of us to go out for a bicycle ride in some very nice weather. It was tough going back to work on Wednesday!

For those of you who had a long weekend, did you do anything fun? Or conversely, did you tackle something around the house that's been nagging at you and just needed some extended time to work on?

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