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Definitely better

I went biking today, and it felt completely normal--on par with rides from a month ago, before the Weekend of WTF when I was suddenly so exhausted. There's still some coughing, because I'm still trying to keep gunk out of my lungs, but the inhaler is really helping. Yesterday was pretty good too, performance-wise. The actual ride involved a lot of left turns, U-turns, and loops to avoid the worst of the wind, though the wind itself was manageable (if annoying). Better than Tuesday, when I didn't go out at all because I couldn't even open the outside door when I went to see how bad the wind was, which basically answered my question. Twice. \o?

We're heading to the coast this weekend to celebrate our anniversary, and really looking forward to that. We've had so few romantic bed-and-breakfast outings since having the kids, and this is one we used to do every Memorial Day weekend before that. I'd still like to take a trip to Europe, but that involves getting passports, which has been on my TODO list for well over a year now. :O

I booked hotels in Southern California for our trip in June, when we'll attend our daughter's college graduation and then collect our son for the summer. Finding hotels is SUCH a chore for both college locations. They're both in expensive neighborhoods, so you really can't stay terribly close by, and even so, rooms are just awfully expensive. I've found some places to avoid on return trips, but no "Remember this one, it's good!" locations thus far.

HalfshellHusband is concerned about graduation logistics, since he can't walk very far, and we just got an email from the University about all that. It's funny-- the first two years, our daughter lived on campus, and the end-of-year communication was all, "Be out no later than Friday! There's no room for you people with all the commencement stuff going on, and don't expect to park here!" And then this year:

University: Parking will be extremely restricted the entire weekend. We'll be closing several lots and access roads. You weren't planning to come on-campus, were you?
Us: Um... yes? For commencement?
University: Good luck with that! It'll suck. We hate you all.
Us: Wait a minute...

I would really like to just spend time with our daughter after her graduation. I have no interest in the actual ceremony (I didn't even go to mine!), and she really doesn't either. But most of her friends are going to the general outdoor ceremony (the clusterf**k) instead of the sub-college one, so that's the one she's doing. And thus, so are we. :( It'll be 3-4 hours in the sun, sunblocked, dressed up, and sweating, AND I'll probably still get a little sunburned before it's over. Ughhhh.

I don't think she'll even be sitting with us, so both our son and I will be tempted to hang out in an air-conditioned building and watch him play Goat Simulator on his phone or something. ;)

I expect we'll Uber there to help the transportation issue (along with half the crowd, probably). I just hope we can get HSH close enough to the seating area. At least the walking issue is more about fatigue than pain these days. His hip replacements have definitely helped part of the equation. :)

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