The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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Please vote! Thank you!

Well, after yesterday's down-to-the-wire vote for the final round of LJ Idol...I wound up tied for first place with one of the other writers. That meant a sudden-death 24-hour write-off, which is truly my nightmare as I am not the fastest of writers!

I was up late last night trying to get a story to happen, and I came up with a couple of great openings and part of a story that had to be shelved for another time... because the quiet, lyrical, semi-formal narrative voice I naturally tend toward is also the style of the other writer. That's no good in a head-to-head contest!

So this morning, I started on a third approach. Hey, why just write and finish one story from the get-go, when you can agonize and restart the creative process multiple times instead? \o?

But seriously, while that sometimes happens anyway, this late in the Idol game you have to really think about the other writers and their styles, and provide a strong story with enough contrast if you want to get the votes. Even if that means writing the whole thing the day it's due and posting right up to the deadline. :O

The poll for the Idol write-off is here, and the voting window is exremely short-- less than a day. Please help out by clicking and voting before 10pm U.S. EDT Saturday, May 4th.

THANK YOU all for your continuing support! I'll just be over here going to pieces in the meantime. Let us never speak of how much chocolate was involved in getting through today...

Tags: me, pimpity

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