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01 May 2019 @ 11:36 am
Delusions of gardening...  
Just a reminder that the poll for the final round of LJ Idol closes tomorrow night. If you haven't already done so, please read my final story here and vote for it in the poll (there's also a poll link at the bottom of the story). THANK YOU!

So, what with working on Idol stories these past two weekends, I've made no progress on the garden yet. The weekend before last was hopeless anyway. We were not only in the middle of sudden, intense heat, we were also having windstorms. There was no point in even buying new plants, because we couldn't put them in the ground (the heat would probably kill them immediately) OR store them in hopes of planting them later (because the wind leeches the moisture out and 'crisps' them). Better to let them take their chances at the nursery, and if they still look good later, THEN we can buy them. ;)

I did survey what we'd added/replanted last year, to see what had survived. Hrmm. It was a lot fewer things than it should have been. :(

A yellow milkweed plant I'd nursed through summer with its own personal shade tent just outright died. Most of the lantana we added in the fall didn't make it either-- probably due to the winter cold! Lantana tends to die back in winter here and then return in the spring, but I guess it needs to be more established first.

There were two spots where I'd tried to add a pink or blue plant last spring, and then tried again in the fall after the originals died... annnnd neither of them made it. Yay. We also lost a couple of azaleas we'd planted several years ago, and a few that have been troubled for years and finally croaked over the winter. \o?

Argh. Unless you have a really shady yard, or your landscaping is mostly just lawn or pebbles, this is a hard climate to work with. It's kind of 1.5 steps forward, 1 step back. :(

All right, time to get ready to go biking. Not so windy today, thank goodness. Yesterday was annoying but workable during the ride itself, but afterwards? Saharan dry-eye for the rest of the day. :O

passing_through: watercolorspassing_through on May 3rd, 2019 02:16 am (UTC)
I think your weather is worse than ours and I always thought we had bad weather.

We have let our shrubs out front run wild for the last year or so and Sunday George worked for several hours mowing and edging the yard and trimming back the shrubs along the front of the house. It was so bad that some of the shrubs were actually growing up from the ground like grass! George had to really dig into the ground to get them out. It looks so tidy and organized now.

He had to remove all of my little statues from my statue garden area between the two large shrubs by the front porch so he could trim the shrubs and clean up the surrounding area. I need to put them back this weekend.

I love azaleas but we don't have the weather for them here. We grew them when I lived in Houston and they did well thanks to the humidity. I also love hydrangeas which did well in Houston but not here.

I have two large containers on my front porch that I usually plant caladiums in around the end of May. They thrive in the summer heat but need to be in complete shade. I love having them on the porch. They grow so big and showy during the summer.

I haven't planted flowers in years, partly because the shrubs overpowered the walkway and took over where I placed my pots.
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on May 3rd, 2019 03:45 am (UTC)
It's nice to have that garden area cleaned up! Not only does it look niceer, but it leaves you some planting opportunities now if you want them.

The intense heat and lack of humidity here DO make it a challenging climate. Hawaii has all these beautiful tropical plants that can take some heat, so long as the air is moist and they get watered enough. Those just burn here.

And places like San Francisco and Portland/Seattle have wetter weather that isn't so hot, where you can plant things that will tolerate a little cold (including freezing) but will never be asked to just sear in the open sun for hours on end. :O

I hope you get something planted this year! That'll lift your spirits. :)