The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Hey, what happened to April?

Voting ends tonight at 9pm EDT for the current round of LJ Idol. We only have four contestants left, so please help us out by reading the entries and voting! THANK YOU!

I got into work late because of a dentist's appointment, but I really should be thinking about sunblocking for biking soon, before it gets too hot. Biking near the office in summer is the worst. There is no freakin' shade! However, I DO have a bottle of water in the freezer here, assuming no one has thrown it away. I will be needing that...

Just realized I said "summer" up above, and it isn't even May yet. But these temperatures around 90o? That's definitely early summer weather. Stupid Sacramento climate!

Our 4-Runner got hit in the windshield by a tiny rock while driving on the freeway last fall. The chink was so low down and so dormant, I couldn't even see it for the longest time. I'd heard it, so it wasn't just theoretical. Late fall/early winter, cracks spread upward-- including two that crossed over each other in an interesting winding pattern. They stayed that way for months.

Until Tuesday's 88o day. While the car was sitting in the open sun at work, those cracks spread 10-12 more inches in a single day. :O

*sigh* I'm going to have to call a windshield dude...

Tags: cycling, me, nature is evil, omg the weather, random

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