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Hello from the surface of the sun...

Ugh... We've hit the hottest day of the year today, kind of abruptly. We revisited the mid-upper 50s for a while in March, thanks to the random return of winter. Then the low-upper 60s. Then last week, we had a three-day run of 63o, then 70o, then 83o. Since I biked on the 63o day, and then the 83o, that was a jump of 20 degrees! I had lightweight tights on for the first ride, and for the second, I had to dig out my sleeveless jersey. Which was good, because I was still too hot and my targeted 20-mile ride became 18. :(

Today? I'm kind of mentally fried from staying up late Sunday and Monday to finish my LJ Idol entry, so I woolgathered way too long before AND after sunblocking, and did not get out until 1:30. At which point it was 83o and getting hotter (we're expecting a high of 91o today). I also forgot to refill and freeze one of my water bottles, so that it thaws during the ride and is still cold 30-40 minutes later. Gah! /o\

My planned 17-mile ride (my typical ride) became 13.5, with several stops in the shade during the last few miles. I didn't even make it to an hour! Must prepare better tomorrow. :O

I mentioned LJ Idol. We are down to the final four contestants now (!), and the voting window is super-short for whatever dastardly reason Gary has in mind. If you can, please read the stories and vote for your favorites here! The 2-day vote closes tomorrow night at 9pm US EDT, which is a little more than 25 hours away. Thank you for your support! ♥

The other fostered kitty we had hoped to adopt is now back with the woman whose home is like Cat Heaven. It's SO sad. He was very sweet (and self-petting!), but he managed to hide behind the washer & dryer every single night, no matter how well we barracaded access to that area. He just could not get over that essential fear, even after two days of sitting out on the kitchen window ledge and being petted all day (and even sitting on HalfShellHusband's lap for a bit). More importantly, while he would come out of hiding to visit me for pets, he was persistently afraid of HSH. And since we're a "no cats on the counters" household, we need a kitty who is less fearful so it can be trained not to get up on things. At Cat Heaven, all the cats are allowed to roam wherever, so this would have been a LOT of work. :(

We'll be monitoring the website for the county animal shelter again and hoping for a promising-looking kitty. This last guy, who was shedding frantically (a combination of nerves and the weather, I think), had thick fur that might have been medium-length? I guess? It really kicked off HSH's allergies. Prior to Tigger, we thought there were only short-haired and long-haired cats, but apparently not. Medium-length seems to be longer than would be ideal, where allergies are concerned...

Tags: cycling, omg the weather, random, the continuing cat-search saga

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