The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Possible Kitties on the Horizon?

It's the last day to vote for Idol this week! We're down to the Top 8, and the voting is extremely close. My entry is here, with a link to the poll and all other stories at the bottom. They're quick reads! Please check them out and vote. :D

We finally got ahold of a live person to talk to about a cat we're interested in adopting. Petfinder has an online inquiry form and direct email contacts for the various rescue organizations, but the people at those organizations seem oddly reluctant to actually answer either of them.

We both send emails a week ago about the same cat... *silence* I submitted the inquiry form last Friday... *silence* Then HalfshellHusband called the phone number on the rescue org's webpage, where a person finally responded.

The gray cat we're interested in has a shy sister who is very attached to her, and we were wondering if the org was really hoping they'd be adopted together. We could actually do that, barring either cat taking a psychotic dislike to us, which seems unlikely. So, they should be coming to the house tomorrow morning to meet us. *hopes* \o/

In other news, we're slowly getting caught up on The Blacklist. It has taken a very dark, unhappy arc this season, so we've had to gird ourselves for each installment over the past month or so. Just finished Bastien Moreau, Pt. 2, which resolved a lot of agony but also introduced some new elements of Noooo!! That was one of our 'escapist' shows for the longest time, but starting around Season 4... not so much. We still really like it, but I think our 'happyish' shows are down to The Rookie and our current Dexter re-watch, which is really saying something. And I know where Dexter's headed, so that won't last either.

The Indian Detective was kind of fun, but it was only four episodes! So, not a long-term solution. ;)

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