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We're down to the last LJ Idol poll for the 5-story marathon round. My story is here, with a link at the bottom to the poll and all other entries. Thank you for your support!

So, that subject line... I've had decades-long problems with congestion and post-nasal drip. Antihistamines don't help much, because I don't have allergies. Just rhinosensitivity, meaning that anything and everything irritates my nose, causing the inside to swell up and run a little bit. This goes on pretty much 24/7. It's obnoxious.

The last couple of days, though, it has felt like I'm continually trying to clear my throat, swallow that drainage, and breathe freely--kind of like I'm drowning. I finally took one of those mucous pills tonight, and that calmed things down quite a bit. But it's such a battle.

Here's the thing. I went to an ENT for it about 12 years ago, when it got to be too much. His solution was to keep using antihistamines and my nasal spray, which just maintains the status quo. I saw a different guy a couple of years later, whose great answer was a pair of metal spring inserts for my nose...which make it look as if you're smuggling spiders in your nostrils, so that'll make you popular with others.

I mentioned adenoids both times, and asked whether removing them might help, because they do that for kids sometimes. Neither doctor even responded to that.

So last night, as I was struggling to breath with all of the swallowing, I looked around Google for the issue of lumps high in the throat (as in, behind the nose) that will not go away. Lo and behold, I stumbled across... adenoids, which live exactly in that position and sometimes swell up and make it hard to breathe! Or in my case, frequently swell up.

So, what is this resistance to removing them in adults? I think that would help me, and it sure wouldn't make it worse!

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