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Okay, it's the final round of voting for the LJ Idol Hell Week, for the last of the 5 stories. My story is here, with a link to the poll and all other entries. Please read and vote! Your votes help decide who makes it into our Idol Top Ten. :D

It has made for a nervous week and a half, let me tell you!

We had a thunderstorm here yesterday, which made me miss those years I lived in Portland as a kid. Our house's kitchen dining area had a rounded second-story bay window with a view all the through to the mountains behind Vancouver Washington, some 15-20 miles away. It was awesome for sitting and watching storms. It would have been much MORE awesome if forked lightning was more common in Portland than sheet lightning, but still...

It's looking like spring here, with SO many things in bloom. Our purple magnolia tree is behind most others, but I'm looking forward to its flowers. Pink-blossomed plum and cherry trees are everywhere, plus orange-red crab apple trees, purple Western Redbud trees, intense blue lilac bushes, and azaleas of all colors. I keep checking the yard of this one house on my drive to work, waiting for its random wisteria to bloom and hoping the owners didn't remove it. Also the wisteria hanging over the fence of the house across from it. SO pretty.

The kids are coming home next week for Spring Break, and I'm so ready!

What are your special plans for spring?

Tags: my_kids, random

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