The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Voting Round #3

Voting ends tonight for this 2-day story window on LJ Idol. The list of stories and voting instructions is here. Only 13, so please read and vote for your favorites!

We had a beautiful spring weekend, with temperatures near 70o here. That's common for March, but we went back into winter in earnest for January and February, and we keep having rain every few days it seems. I hope this won't be one of those years where that goes on until June...

Saturday and Sunday's bike rides both featured a little orange hitchhiker on my upper arm. (Our local lady beetles are orange instead of the classic red). Once they latch on, they're too afraid to leave until I slow down or top, so both of them got transported about 5 miles downriver to a different meadow than the one they left. ;)

In other news... with our Idol stories all finished earlier in the week, AND a sunny weekend, I was finally able to get to a major pruning chore in the yard that has been nagging at me since about November. It was a much bigger chore than I expected, thanks to several more months of growing. The area near the pool is now littered with a ton of stuff I cut off to force the photinia trees (which started life decades ago as a hedge) to grow up again rather than out, as is their nature. The clearance under the trees was less than 5 feet when I started, and it's now about 7 feet. This matters to HalfshellHusband, who is 6'4".

But it was not without a price. I got hit once in each eye with flying wood chunks when I snapped a couple of branches, and at one point the lopping shears got stuck in some wood and when I finally pulled them loose... jumped back and hit me in the cheek. I was fully expecting an ugly bruise on my face this morning, but I got lucky on that score, at least! \o?

Tags: a universe of _no_, cycling, life fail, nature is evil, ow!

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