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19 February 2019 @ 10:50 am
Core Incompetencies...  
First off, today is the last day to vote for this week's LJ Idol. My story is here, with a link to the poll at the bottom. Please read and vote for your favorites!

So, the score on yesterday's TODO list was,
Yes: Biking outside, fixing track stand flat, putting away Christmas ornaments, starting sewing work
No: Finishing sewing work, finishing clutter clean-up, calling Mom.

About 50%. Could be worse...

I mentioned yesterday that one of HalfshellHusband's incompetencies is changing bike tires/fixing flats without causing a pinch-flat. It's almost like a negative super-power for him, though he's gotten better. But it's only fair to mention one of my core incompetencies in return.

It's not swallowing exactly, apart from getting the occasional pill stuck in my throat. But it's swallowing-adjacent. Namely, the nexus of swallowing and breathing, and I fear this will only become worse as I get older. :O
  • Trying to drink on bike rides and forgetting that I don't need to (and really, really shouldn't) squeeze the water bottle, resulting in a burst of water into the lungs. And epic hacking to try to get it out.
  • Biting into something like yesterday's tangerine slice and having it squirt juice right into the back of my throat, and partway down the windpipe.
  • Getting distracted while sipping coffee or some other hot beverage, and inhaling it instead of swallowing it. No, really. /o\
  • Basically choking on my own spit because I've breathed in some of it for no particular reason. Sometimes while at the office, no less. Ulhhhhhhh...

  • Seriously. How have I survived this long? \o?

    So, what are YOUR core incompetencies?

    michellecertainthings on February 22nd, 2019 02:29 am (UTC)
    I'm sure I have many core incompetencies... but can I think of any of them? No. Or, does punching myself in the boob pretty much everytime I roll/push up my sleeves count?

    I too often choke on my own spit, and it's hella annoying. and embarrassing.
    The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Yikeshalfshellvenus on February 22nd, 2019 06:31 pm (UTC)
    Ow! I've done that. The more boobish you are, the more they're in the way of things you're trying to do.

    I'm glad (or very sorry?) I'm not the only one who chokes on my own spit. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? My body can't be trusted to "human" if I'm not policing myself every second?
    michellecertainthings on February 23rd, 2019 04:02 am (UTC)
    the human body is so faulty.