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We're at 7 1/2 weeks of being a catless household, and getting antsy. Before losing Jinx, we'd had at least one cat for the last 30+ years.

Usually, we would wait longer before thinking about a replacement, but we are both definitely ready. Our local shelter is only open 12-4:30 on weekends, so we're going to have to pick a rainy day when neither of us wants to go bicycling, and go over and meet potential new pets. Our limitations are short-haired cats (HalfshellHusband is kind of allergic to cats, but can tolerate ones with less fur), and ideally about 1-2 years old (so, no kittens).

Our other likely limitation might be not getting a cat that looks like other cats we've already had. At this point, I think I could handled a Holstein-colored cat (like the one we lost about 16 years ago). But probably not one resembling the more recent cats. On the fence about black cats, since people tend not to want to adopt them (we have no issue with black cats!), but that is also what our last kitty looked like. No idea how we might feel in the moment, though.

But speaking of coat colors, let's have a poll:


This ^.^ is Tigger, a very sweet kitty we lost about 6 years ago.

What color is Tigger?

Not gray, WTF, are you kidding me?

There is actually a common description for this kind of cat. What is it?


Yes please!
So cute.
Wait, is that the Grinch?

The Third Wife is not helping my problem here, as the main character has a cat he wants to rehome, and it's eating away at me...

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