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Reading All The Things

I'm finishing up reading for LJ Idol. If you haven't heard of it, it's an online writing competition with weekly eliminations. I've been participating in it for several years (and seasons!) now, as a great way to do more creative writing and to meet and talk to other writers.

Reading and voting are generally open to anyone (most weeks), so you can be part of it. My story for the week is here, with a link to the poll and all other entries at the bottom. Please check it out-- there are a lot of great stories to read!

In offline reading... it must be a corollary to Murphy's Law that causes a bunch of 'Holds' in your Kindle queue to pop at once. I was already reading Neal Shusterman's Dry when one of my Lisa Jewell holds came up: Watching You. And then a few days later, Jewell's The Third Wife. Yesterday, another one of her books also became ready!

Fortunately, I've finished Dry, and the other two books have a couple of weeks left on the loan. With Kindle, you can keep things on there pretty much forever until you synch your downloads, and then the expired books (usually) disappear. So, you want to get all of your expired or nearly expired things read before you download new things. Every now and then, I get caught in a bind where I'm trying to finish some older book before my 3-day window to check out the new book ends.

I do occasionally check out books without putting them on hold first. But usually not. Even the Harry Bosch books that have been out for years tend to have waiting lists. :O

For Lisa Jewell, I read Then She Was Gone in October, and there was a teaser for Watching You at the end that intrigued me. I'd read her The Girls In The Garden already (not as impressive as Then She Was Gone, but good). I started binge-reading other Jewell books while I waited for my hold on Watching You to come due. I think I'm currently on my 6th one now. :O

Our library system could definitely use more Reginald Hill ebooks. There are only three, and I've read two of them! I'll borrow the third at some point, but his Pascoe and Dalziel books tend to be long reads, and are best not started when there's a lot on your waiting list.

Someday, I'll make it back to the physical library. Or get through my backlog of "Read and Return" items from there. \o?

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