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24 January 2019 @ 12:52 pm
Hi Ho, Hi, Ho...  
Welcome new people I've friended! I hope we'll find things to talk about, and if you came here from the [personal profile] corvidology quickie friending post and didn't intend or want to be auto-friended, please just let me know!

Today's randomness: HalfshellHusband just asked me to order a bottle of flax seed oil from Amazon, and I immediately wanted to know why? Is it for his personal use, or for a recipe? I may be paranoid, but I've tried foods with actual flax seeds in them, and they have a nasty aftertaste. So I'm hesitant about adding it as an ingredient, unless the flavor is pretty well buried.

Also... I'm a supertaster, so this may not be an issue for normal other people. \o?

How about a meme, just to see what's what?

* Tattoos: Never

* Ever hit a deer: No, though I have hit a couple of squirrels while bicycling. The ground squirrels near our riverside bike path are suicidal. No, really.

* Ridden in an ambulance: Once. Ideally, never again!

* Sang karaoke: Yes. I would probably do this a lot more if we had the kind of small-group karaoke rooms you see in Britain and other cities? But here it's the whole bar, or nothing. :O

* Ice skated: Yes. I used to love skating at the Lloyd Center in Portland, growing up. I never got good enough to do more than go around and around, and skate backwards a little. No spins. But still, it was wonderful. :)

* Ridden a motorcycle: On the back of my brother's motorcycle. Once. (It was strictly forbidden by my mom, and she never found out).

* Stayed in a hospital: I was going to say 'outpatient only,' but then I remembered that I've had two kids, and they do keep you overnight. Just one night, thank goodness. \o/

* Skipped school: A couple of times, but mostly not.

* Last phone call: Our son, calling from college to check in.

* Last text from: Some mysterious alert regarding an EBT card (a what now?) from an unknown entity. Sounds kind of phishy, to be honest.

* Watched someone die: Our kitty, in December. It was awful, but I'm still glad she wasn't alone.

* Pepsi or coke: I only drink diet, so Diet Cherry Coke! Or Lime. Sugared Pepsi tastes far more interesting than sugared Coke, but for the diet versions, Pepsi often just tastes like chemicals to me. Except Diet Cherry Pepsi, which is awesome.

* Favorite Pie: Toss-up between chocolate cream or blackberry. If it's home-made with fresh berries, then definitely blackberry.

* Favorite pizza: Combo (with artichokes!) or double-pepperoni.

* Favorite season: Fall

* Broken bones: Ook. Almost all as an adult, except that 'sprained' ankle from P.E. at age 13 apparently was not a sprain. Tailbone (crushed), three toes (one chipped, two all-out, all in different incidents), and I'm pretty sure I broke part of my butt this last summer stumbling off a ladder into some brick stairs. Top of part of the pelvis? Lower back, but not vertebrae, so I think it's the pelvic bone.

* Received a ticket: *knocks wood* No

* Favorite color: Blue. SO much blue.

* Sunset or sunrise: Sunset times a million.

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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on January 26th, 2019 07:37 am (UTC)
None of us have EBT cards, so I'm thinking the sender created some sort of bot to cover address ranges, spammed their message to all of us, and then sat back and waited to see what "stuck."

I broke my butt getting off a ladder at the edge of the front porch. I forgot I was right next to the stairs, so when I took that final step my foot was trapped between the ladder and stairs. I fell backwards, and got the edge of the brick step right in the upper butt/lower back. It hurt like hell. There was epic bruising later that day, and not just pain but also a large knot that stuck around for weeks and weeks. Basically, I broke part of the pelvis. Not sure if it was cracked or chipped or what, but something broke. At least it wasn't a vertebra!

Combo pizza with artichoke hearts! Also good in salad and jambalay/paella. Mmmmm... :)