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Out? Out!

I finished the final episodes of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer series while biking in the garage yesterday. I've had the DVD set for years, but never re-watched the show until now. I loved it, and still do. LOVE it. Except the last season, because No. But overall yes—deep, mad love.

I thought I was going to be biking outside yesterday, but we had some early morning rain (we've been in a wet spell), and the pavement was just too damp. So, my last outdoor ride was last Sunday (because Monday's rain came early. Suckage). I can see the sun right now. SUN! And there may be some dampness on the bike path from overnight condensation, but I'm riding outside today anyway. Because it's going to rain again tomorrow—which was supposed to be Monday. /o\ I mean, theoretically there's a dry spell coming, but in reality, things are in flux.

For future (tomorrow?) garage biking, I expected to be starting Elementary, which I got some of on my birthday and at Christmas. I missed the first few seasons, so they'd be new to me. But HalfshellHusband started watching S1 in the house, and he's verrrry slow about getting through the episodes (it's like reading—he nods off a lot). So, I have to pick something else that I haven't seen or rewatched too recently. This eliminates a lot of favorites like Reaper and Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls, and the half-hour comedies are out because watching four of them back-to-back is just too frenetic. I could rewatch Six Feet Under or The Shield (except HalfshellHusband wants to see that last one). I've thought about Prison Break, and I have Supernatural but I'm kind of pissed off at it? *sadness* What I miss is that brief year or so when I was able to stream TV on my computer in the garage. I have multiple Netflix shows I could be watching! But not on this PC. So I suspect it's going to be Burn Notice.

Tomorrow, I'll probably be working on a new Idol entry. My story for this week is here. We definitely need more readers and voters, so please check it out and the link to the poll at the bottom for all the entries!

Years ago, this weekend would have been spent taking our daughter out on neighborhood rounds to sell Girl Scout Cookies (this is the kickoff date in our area). I don't miss selling cookies, but the holiday weekend always brings pangs of longing for when the kids were younger. I dream of them as babies or little kids from time to time, and oh, how I wish I could go back in time and just spend a day with the younger versions of them now and then. *sigh*

And now, back to finishing reading this week's Idol entries so I can do my own voting! Will I be able to hold off lunch until I'm done? It's after 1:00 already...

Tags: cycling, me, my_kids, tv

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