The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Dear Brain: Can You NOT?

You know, I like Carousel. It's my favorite of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals!

But I think going on 5 days now of having the "His name is Mr. Snow" song stuck in my head is a bit much. It's not one of the songs from Carousel I find myself singing from time to time, and I hadn't even thought about it for years. So why won't it LEAVE? Why has it dredged up long-forgotten lyrics and made me wonder all over again how a man who is big and "be-whiskered" and overbearing can also be "darling"?

Out, damned earworm, out!

And on another topic, Happy New Year! I wasn't online much over the holidays, mostly spending time with the kids, mourning our absent kitty, eating too much sugar (HalfshellHusband went into epic baking mode, which was not helpful), and then writing my LJ Idol entry after a couple of weeks off.

I also read a fair number of 'free-with-Amazon-Prime' ebooks (about 7 over the last 3-4 weeks?) and last weekend, watched our Tivo decide it was epically full and delete a bunch of saved shows long after we'd made room for them. It took out all but the most recent episode of the current season's Z-Nation (argh!), the last couple of Mr. Robot episodes I hadn't watched yet, and 22-plus Law and Order: SVU reruns I'd been working through because they were from the years when Christopher Meloni was still on the show. Thanks, techno-fail! I still don't know why you did that. :(

On tap for this weekend: paying bills (I'm running late), sending out post-Christmas cards (later still), returning some stuff that didn't work out, and at some point, de-Christmasing the house. I'll unplug the outdoor Xmas lights, but getting them down takes longer. We've entered a period of about 7 days of rain, and there are a LOT of lights.

So, good holidays for most of you? And are you well into the regret cycle for holiday eating, like me?

Tags: me, my_cats, my_kids, random, wtf was that?

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