The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Googles I Never Wanted To Google

Our little black cat's health took a sudden downturn last Friday. She really struggled with the smoke from the fires (she's very congested and became a lot more so with the bad air), and her heart has never been good. She seemed to be recovering over the Thanksgiving weekend, but started really struggling on Friday, and she's been losing weight over the last several months.

We honestly thought we would lose her on Friday or Saturday, but she's still with us. But she's not getting better. She hasn't wanted to eat anything for days, and she drinks less and less-- and fights the dropper with fury, just like every other sick animal we've had who really needed it. :(

We've prepared the kids, and I've been looking at in-home euthanasia and pet cremation services. Poor thing... We thought we would have her longer (it's only been 5 years-- we got her when she was about 4), but she came to us with FIV and kidney issues, so maybe this is already longer than could be hoped?

I wish her Boy were home, but he's not due back until Tuesday night, and that's too long for her to wait.

*Sigh* This part is always so, so hard. :(

Tags: my_cats, my_kids
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