The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Prison Break Fic Exchange 2.0

*Sigh* It's September 6th, and still no word from the pbficexchange moderator.

I guess you know what that means...

New community: pbfic_exchange2. Please join, and pimp madly in your journals (especially the T-Bag folks and the Michael/Sara people, since I don't have much f-list overlap with those readers/writers). I'll post a notice to prison_breakfic, since we are fortunately allowed such posts there. :)

For those of you whose fics for the Exchange Round 2 have already been posted, I will retrieve them from there and repost them in the new community.

Everyone else... please email your fics to me here: halfshellvenus @ livejournal dot com. I'd prefer them to be Word or .rtf documents so I can get the formatting, and I'll post them up to the new community. Be sure to include your prompts, including the author you wrote it for!

THEN, when the fics are posted, we will have guessing and The Reveal-- even though some authors have already posted the fics in their journals (because nearly 3 months is a darn long time to wait for the mod to reappear).

Now... given what happened with the other community, I would like to have a co-maintainer. Any volunteers? Not too many though, because then you'll be spoiled for guessing the fic authors!
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