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21 November 2018 @ 03:32 pm
On the 'Done' list...  
The air quality finally made it to a level where I was able to go bicycling outside yesterday, for the first time in a week! Oh, I've felt so trapped. From last Thursday onward, there was enough smoke inside my office AND our house that it was like sitting in a bar for hours on end. Ugh. Yesterday also allowed me to open up all the windows and let smoke out of the house.

And today? Some light rain. I hope there's more to come, since we badly need it.

I've watched a bunch off stuff in the last few weeks. We binge-watched S2 of Marcela on Netflix, which ended at a dark place. The woman's life is an utter train-wreck. We also watched Safe, about an oddly incestuous English community in which even a single salary as a policewoman apparently is enough to live in a pricey neighborhood. I'm not sure why Michael C. Hall decided to attempt an English role, but I suspect most Brits would not have found it terribly convincing. Still, a captivating series, even though is probably should be subtitled, "What to do when your daughter is a complete ninny."

We finished watching S2 of Westworld, and oh—the revelations in those last few episodes! Wheels within wheels. It was a knockout.

Movie-wise, we saw The Gunslinger. I only read the first book in the series, which was rather slow, and HalfshellHusband's immediate question was whether it was a Young Adult series. Not to my knowledge? But the movie certainly was. I expected the POV to be that of the Gunslinger (Idris Elba), not a pre-teen "magic boy." Not impressive.

A Quiet Place was much more edge-of-your-seat, and pretty good overall. I don't really like horror movies, but I did like that one.

Book-wise, I am almost finished with Shadow World, a collection of stories in tribute to Ray Bradbury. So far, the standouts have been Joe Hill's "By The Silver Waters of Lake Champlain," Dan Chaon's "Little America," John McNally's "The Phone Call," and Alice Hoffman's "Conjure."

And a couple of weeks ago, I finished, And Then She Was Gone, a British mystery about a teenage girl who disappears one Saturday afternoon in spring. That one was a real page-turner, going back and forward in time, mainly the girl's and her mother's POV. A little frustrated with the ending, not because it didn't work but because I was so invested in the characters by that point. Which I guess adds up to success! \o?

Off to bike in the garage, and hoping to check back in later. Toodles!

Muriellemurielle on November 22nd, 2018 12:33 am (UTC)
I enjoyed Safe, but only because I would enjoy MCH reading the phone book. ;-)

Will have to see if I can find And Then She Was Gone. Love a character heavy mystery. It sounds a bit like Gone Girl. Did you find that?

Yay on the rain and the smoke clearing a bit.
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on November 22nd, 2018 01:20 am (UTC)
I enjoyed Safe too, but expect MCH probably was not the right choice for the part. He executive-produced the whole thing, so he must really have wanted it!

"And Then She Was Gone" sounds a bit like Gone Girl on the surface (and might have been why the library algorithms recommended it to me), but it wasn't anything like that. Interesting in a totally different way!

SO glad he smoke has cleared for now. It's been truly awful.
Muriellemurielle on November 22nd, 2018 03:07 am (UTC)
Okay! I'm like on the verge of buying it on Kindle but there are about four by different authors--who wrote it? :-))
Muriellemurielle on November 22nd, 2018 03:34 am (UTC)
Went with the Lisa Jewel (sp) one. Hope that's right. ;-)
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on November 22nd, 2018 04:20 am (UTC)
Yup, it's the Lisa Jewel one. Hope you like it! :D
Murielle: haircutmurielle on November 22nd, 2018 08:19 am (UTC)
I'm really liking it! Need to sleep but I can't put it down. I will probably check out some of her other books, too.

Thanks so much for the rec!
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on November 22nd, 2018 08:33 am (UTC)
"Can't put it down" was how I felt about it too. I'm glad you're enjoying it!
swirlsofblueswirlsofblue on November 22nd, 2018 06:30 pm (UTC)
Glad the air is getting better.

WESTWEORLD S2 YES. The revelations are marvelous.
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on November 22nd, 2018 09:32 pm (UTC)
Ooh, haven't gotten to S2! Just finished S1. We watch it on DVD, so first we have to wait for the disks to come out. :O
passing_through: basket of yarnpassing_through on November 23rd, 2018 04:39 am (UTC)
Glad to hear your smoke is going away. That would be awful to have it in the house.

I started watching season one of Marcella but didn't finish it because, like most shows I watch, I either forget about it or get distracted by something else on Netflix. I also haven't watched Safe yet but it's on the list.

I have not watched Westworld. Alicia loves it but like most other shows, it's on the list of things to eventually watch :D

I also read the first book of the Dark Tower series that The Gunslinger originated from but it's been several decades ago and I have very little memory of what I read.

I heard good things about A Quiet Place when it came out. Did you watch it at the movies or on DVD? I only have Netflix streaming so it takes a while for movies to show up.

Hope you got in some good cycling time!

The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on November 23rd, 2018 08:47 am (UTC)
There was a boy in the first Dark Tower books, introduced after about the midway point, I think? He was about 7-8, and was definitely a secondary character at that point. Not so much in the movie, though!

We watched A Quiet Place on DVD-- we have both the streaming and the DVD plan, though I usually have more trouble finding stuff I want to see on DVD unless I suddenly pick up a TV series I want to binge-watch! I sometimes think I'd be better off with streaming + using Red Box now and then. :O

We got one day of biking outside, and then the rain started. But at least the air is better!