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On the 'Done' list...

The air quality finally made it to a level where I was able to go bicycling outside yesterday, for the first time in a week! Oh, I've felt so trapped. From last Thursday onward, there was enough smoke inside my office AND our house that it was like sitting in a bar for hours on end. Ugh. Yesterday also allowed me to open up all the windows and let smoke out of the house.

And today? Some light rain. I hope there's more to come, since we badly need it.

I've watched a bunch off stuff in the last few weeks. We binge-watched S2 of Marcela on Netflix, which ended at a dark place. The woman's life is an utter train-wreck. We also watched Safe, about an oddly incestuous English community in which even a single salary as a policewoman apparently is enough to live in a pricey neighborhood. I'm not sure why Michael C. Hall decided to attempt an English role, but I suspect most Brits would not have found it terribly convincing. Still, a captivating series, even though is probably should be subtitled, "What to do when your daughter is a complete ninny."

We finished watching S2 of Westworld, and oh—the revelations in those last few episodes! Wheels within wheels. It was a knockout.

Movie-wise, we saw The Gunslinger. I only read the first book in the series, which was rather slow, and HalfshellHusband's immediate question was whether it was a Young Adult series. Not to my knowledge? But the movie certainly was. I expected the POV to be that of the Gunslinger (Idris Elba), not a pre-teen "magic boy." Not impressive.

A Quiet Place was much more edge-of-your-seat, and pretty good overall. I don't really like horror movies, but I did like that one.

Book-wise, I am almost finished with Shadow World, a collection of stories in tribute to Ray Bradbury. So far, the standouts have been Joe Hill's "By The Silver Waters of Lake Champlain," Dan Chaon's "Little America," John McNally's "The Phone Call," and Alice Hoffman's "Conjure."

And a couple of weeks ago, I finished, And Then She Was Gone, a British mystery about a teenage girl who disappears one Saturday afternoon in spring. That one was a real page-turner, going back and forward in time, mainly the girl's and her mother's POV. A little frustrated with the ending, not because it didn't work but because I was so invested in the characters by that point. Which I guess adds up to success! \o?

Off to bike in the garage, and hoping to check back in later. Toodles!

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