The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors


I feel absolutely disgusting.

By late afternoon, the smoke has really been leaking into my office, and today I wasn't able to get to the gym until about 5:30. At that point, I think smoke had made it into the gym. As a result of all that, I feel like I used to after riding in the car for hours with a smoker-- i.e, my Dad on car trips. Junky lungs and sour stomach. Ugh. That's a feeling I was happy to be free of for the last 40 years. :(

So yes, it's still really smoky here. I got out for a bicycle ride on Tuesday at the office, because the air quality was 'moderate,' but it has gone back up again these last few days. The wind has been very light, so the smoke just stays in a pocket over the Sacramento metro area. And it's much, much worse up near the fire itself, which still hasn't been contained. :(

Last night, I dreamed it poured, which was extremely wishful thinking. We could use some rain to help put out the fire and clean up the air, but there's nothing in the forecast until _maybe_ Tuesday or Wednesday.

Some rain earlier in the season could have saved us from all of this mess, but it's been a very dry year. Oh, climate change-- you're killing all of us, across the entire weather spectrum. :(

Tags: me, nature is evil

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