The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Planned it was not, yet happened it did

It's a three-day weekend, and I woke up this morning with Planstm. These plans involved a bike ride, and getting the last remaining new purchases planted before we get a freeze (the lows have been in the mid-30s the last couple of nights).

Instead... smoke. SO much smoke. It was floating through the streets like a light fog and leaking through the door frames, all courtesy of a fire farther up the valley. I hoped it would lift up during the day, as it had on Friday, but instead it got thicker and thicker until it blotting out the sky and choking off the sun. Ugggghhhh. My whole day turned into being trapped inside the house, reading Idol entries and watching the air quality index get worse and worse until it reached numbers I've never seen in this area before. :O

We haven't really had any rain this fall, so things are very dry. This is very late in the year for a wildfire, but it's going full bore up north, wreaking a lot of destruction in very short time. I hope it gets contained soon (there's no rain on the horizon), and I certainly hope tomorrow is nothing like today. I need to get outside and do things!

I DID bicycle yesterday, though I got out very late. TOO late, really. I cut my ride short by a couple of miles, and still overestimated the amount of daylight left (a side-effect of the time change). Plus, maybe because of the high smoke, it was MUCH colder than forecast. More like 62-degrees than the 67-68 it should have been at that time of the day. I stepped outside to go, and went back in for an ear band and a warmer jersey. I was still cold for the duration of the ride. A very sudden weather change.

And yet, considering what happened with today, or more accurately, what did NOT happen, I'm glad I made it out yesterday for as long as I did. :O

More tomorrow, and keeping my fingers crossed for cleaner air. Right now, I feel a little breathing challenged here inside the house. And all of this is MUCH harder for HalfshellHusband... :(

Tags: cycling, hsh, me, nature is evil

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