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Geez, I haven't posted since before I took The Boy back down south to college two weeks ago!

I'm up in Portland visiting family this weekend (HalfshellHusband is still at home), and then it'll be right back to work on Monday. It's great and yet I know I'll be dragging all week long. /o\

After spending the summer moving furniture (and learning how to pack a truck), The Boy did a surprisingly good job of reassembling his school stuff and boxing up much of it for the trip south. It was all over the upstairs playroom in various stages of assembly for about a week, during which the cat sat in the middle of it as if she were afraid he might sneak off without her noticing. And boy, did that make our son feel guilty. :O

He and I went shopping for additional supplies, since he's in an apartment with friends this year instead of on-campus. Moving him in is mostly a two-day effort. Drive down, unpack stuff, get whatever he still needs, and then drive back the next day. It's so much easier going to north L.A. than driving through L.A. to San Diego with our daughter, doing all those same things, and then driving back. Basically, going down to San Diego adds about 4-5 more hours onto each direction because of the time it takes to get through L.A. traffic. Yikes.

I returned and then it was a blur of work, getting All The Things done last weekend (since I knew I'd be gone THIS weekend), and then work again. I'm semi afraid that by the time I come up for air again, I'll have lost traction on things like replanting parts of the garden (some of which got scorched over the summer) and a little outdoor painting over pre-primed repair areas that have been waiting... about two years? Yark.

Has everyone been well? I'll bet some of you are trying to Do All The Things before the snow season starts, which is an even bigger ordeal.

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