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If you've been around my friends' list long enough, you may have heard of the online writing contest called [community profile] therealljidol.

It's back for a mini-season, except this time it's doing a trial run at Dreamwidth instead of Live Journal.

There are still a few more days to sign up here. If you're thinking, "Wait, what is this now?" there is an FAQ here and lots of information on the comm at Live Journal.

You may have heard rumors. Was there a honey badger? Yes. Yes there was. Music? That too has happened. Also photographs. Were there zombies, cowboys, and the tragic loss of insect life? Of course! Possibly all in the same story.

Can anyone participate? YES.

It's challenging, fun, and highly addictive! And after being almost entirely certain I would sit this round out, I am signing up after all. You should too. :)

And tell a friend. :D

Tags: idol

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