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Feline Weirdness, Part 2

So, I mentioned our cat's sudden increase in weird sleeping locations in this post, but there was more still to come. :O

For years, she has spent time on the cat pads on each of the two sofas, with occasional lap sitting for about 5-10 minutes. I was home for 6 weeks this spring, recuperating from my second surgery, and she expanded into sitting on my chest or lap when I would lie down under a fleece blanket. I think the "lying down" part was key, because this cat has trust issues. She was 4 when we got her, and she'll be 9 soon, but she's clearly afraid of falling asleep on anyone. Because then we might eat her? I don't know...

Anyway, my feet were usually on her cat pad while I was lying down, and gradually, she quit getting on it altogether. She stopped on the little footstool next to the sofa (bought for a previous cat who grew too old to get on the sofa by herself). Soon, she spent all her time there, including falling asleep and oozing over the edge in uncomfortable-looking ways. The blurry one? Out cold and snoring:
If we put her on her cat pad, she got down immediately—as if it had become toxic. Then came the bookshelf, and after that, we caught her on the kitchen counter a few times (forbidden!), probably aiming for the bow window in front of the sink. So we moved the kitchen chairs away from where she could use them to get on the counter, and soon... she started spending all her time on the chairs. :O Sleeping the whole day away, forgetting about laps and getting pets. We took her to the vet in case she wasn't feeling well, but nothing. HalfshellHusband and I went on vacation, and when we came back she was still on that chair—though The Boy had shown her his new bed, and so she spent time up there while he was napping. We gave her about another week of that, but a month was enough! We tipped all the chairs so she couldn't get on them.

Then she started disappearing. :O

We searched the house up and down, including closets and under the beds, and could not figure out where she was hiding. The Boy's room is always a favorite spot, but I could never find her. She would reappear for food and water and the litter box, and I would keep her from going upstairs again, but it was a mystery.

The Boy finally figured it out. He noticed that one of the upstairs linen cupboard doors was slightly ajar, and opened it to find...

the cat, hiding on one of the middle shelves!
When I got up later that day (after he'd gone to work), she was missing again. I found a random book set in the middle of the hallway for no particular reason, but no cat. Then HSH told me her secret. I went back upstairs and opened the cupboard, and there she was again. I got her out and put the heavy book set back up against the door, but a few hours later when I want back up, the book set was standing up—within about 3 inches of the door—and it didn't seem as if she could possibly have gotten past it, but she was back inside there again.

Gah, she is super sneaky when it comes to cupboards! She opens the door, gets inside, and the pulls the door closed after herself until it's almost entirely shut. When we first brought her home, we thought we'd lost her because she disappeared overnight. She was actually hiding in one of the laundry room cupboards, which appeared to be closed. Being a black cat, she's invisible in really dark places.

So, why must she be so smart about things like that while never having learned who "kitty" refers to, or what patting your lap for "Come here!" means? \o?

Now she's back on the sofa, getting snuggles and pets, and is as happy as ever. WTF was that psychotic detour all about?

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