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Lumpty Dumpty

Did I mention that I used the surgery I had months ago as an opportunity to try to lose some weight? Kicking sugar is really hard, especially the first day, so I took advantage of the timing. On the day of surgery, I was either fasting or unconscious most of the time, which made it easier to avoid sugar that day. After three days without sugar, the cravings are almost gone.

Because I knew I wouldn't be able to bicycle for at least 6 weeks, I was also careful to eat less over that recuperation time, when all I could do was walk. I lost about 12-13 pounds while recovering, and also discovered that when I don't exercise to quite such an insane degree, I'm not as hungry. This was quite a revelation, since I've been locked in a vicious circle for years, always exercising fiercely to try to lose weight while also being ravenous. It gets very self-defeating.

So, when I started biking again, I decided to lower my mileage a little. Most rides are 16-17 miles now, with one or two longer rides a week of 19-21 miles. I haven't biked so little since before baby #1! But it seems to be helping. I don't get to the end of the day and feel like I have to eat everything on the planet as often now. I've probably lost about 17-18 pounds? I'm definitely out of the range of constant self-loathing, which is good.

BUT last week, now that there's less 'fluff' obscuring things... I was getting dressed one morning, and noticed a lump near the bottom of my sternum. Not bone or cartilage, just a soft lump. Which has been there how long? :O

I saw the doctor about it Wednesday. It's probably nothing, and the radiologist noted it on the CT-SCAN results from the lump near my armpit back in January. Mostly likely a cyst, and I'll get an ultrasound to confirm.

But is this how it's going to be? Have I reached the age where my body has started spawning random lumps here and there? I'd always been lucky enough to escape the problems my dad's side of the family has with auto-immune disorders, but maybe my luck has ended.

Maybe I've entered the stage where my body is bored, and has nothing better to do than try to grow things in places it shouldn't? \o?

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