The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Where did the summer go?

Our vacation (just a week ago) seems so far away now. It's amazing what a week back at work will do to you. :O

It's starting to sink in that our time with The Boy is running out. I'll have to drive him back to L.A. around Sept. 20, which is less than a month away. He's been busy working all summer, and has vacation plans with his uncle coming up-- leaving no time for US to vacation with him. Our daughter will be up here those last two weeks before school starts, and then it'll be back to the empty nest once again. I am so not ready...

we've watched a couple of older movies with The Boy since returning from Oregon. He's usually grudging about it, until the movie grabs him. The Usual Suspects holds up well (damn, but Kevin Spacey was good in that movie. Too bad he torpedoed his career). We also watched Jacob's Ladder, which was really gripping. I saw it shortly after it first came out, and I love a good story that, with a twist at the end, causes you to mentally rewind back through what came before and consider it in a new light. I think that movie is sadly underrated.

Quadrophenia, OTOH, was disappointing, and I still haven't finished it. Less of The Who's music than I was hoping for, too rooted in its era, and also... no subtitles available on the DVD. I desperately need them for working-class British accents, and without them, the movie's dialogue is mostly unintelligible. :O

Post-vacation, I never get as much done around the house as I want. I paid bills, amended another year's tax return (2 down, 2+ to go), put some things away, and bought birthday presents for The Boy. But the list of still-to-do? Always enormous. :(

At least I CAN (theoretically) do the necessary things. Eventually. But courtesy of The Boy, I offer a series of glorious sketches of a crocodile attempting to do things and failing miserable. Absurd humor is such fun!

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