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Entertainment update...

Well, we've finished Altered Carbon (really terrific series) and we did a rewatch of Luther with our son. He enjoyed Luther a lot, and especially Alice. As one does... ;)

We also watched The Defenders, and hadn't really intended to. But in starting S2 of Luke Cage, it was clear we'd missed some important events. Since we're not really superhero fans, none of us were pleased that plot happened in between the seasons! Especially one that involved so many swords, because really—in modern NYC? Whatevs, man. We got a kick out of Jessica Jones, and the Daredevil character was really soulful. Iron Fist, though... is a giant emo-baby. Urk.

While our daughter was home for a week, we got both kids hooked on S1 of The Blacklist. Boy, Red's rambles are such a delight. Plus, I think our daughter became an instant Liz/Tom 'shipper, which isn't surprising. And? Yes, Ressler definitely has light red hair in that first season. And probably the second, because it was in S3 that all the color seemed ot have washed out of it and I wondered what the hell had happened.

Books: I read Maggie Stiefvater's YA werewolf trilogy, even though I am not a fan of werewolves. The first book took awhile to hook me, but once it did, I raced through the rest. I did want to kill Grace's parents, though. Ugh. I also read A Reason To Believe, which I'd hoped would be more of a mystery with a side of M/M romance, and instead it was the opposite. I was nervous about the supernatural part, which actually worked for me until the end. As for the two male characters, I have kind of an anti-kink regarding making one of the men really short. It feels like photo-shopping a man over a female character, and becomes a turnoff. Maybe it's just me?

I also read Hiddensee, which was interesting but rather sorrowful overall. I was wondering how exactly it would tie in with The Nutcracker, given that I only know that as a ballet and it's basically a fever-dream venue for Tchaikovsky's great music. It DID all come together, but that was in the last 1/20th of the book, so... quite a bit more abstract than Maguire's usual stories.

We're going up to Oregon next week, so I'll load up the Kindle with some new books while we take the Jack Reacher that HalfshellHusband is reading and the Temperance Brennan that I'm reading. We'll swap books at some point, but I read a lot faster than he does these days, and my mom's floating supply of stuff is variable. She trades books with friends or buys them at St. Vincent de Paul's (because libraries, what AM they? Geez, my dad was like that too). Sometimes there's tons of good stuff at her house, and others, it's thrillers (ugh) or books her friends liked that are basically romances (also ugh).

I might dive back into some of the Harry Bosch books I haven't read in a while, but I've got Mirror, Mirror and Never, Never checked out for the Kindle, and several more books in my wish-list. If HSH didn't hate Kindle so much, I would totally download Elgin Baylor's book (also in my wish list, with him and our son in mind). But NOOOOOooooo...

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