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10 July 2018 @ 01:52 pm
When reality invades dreams...  
I know we've all had them... Those dreams where you get stuck on, "Hey, I need to go to the bathroom. Huh. Still feels like I need to go to the bathroom. And again. Really? And again."

As soon as you wake up enough, you discover that of course you DO need to go to the bathroom, which is why you kept being pestered in the dream.

Also fairly typical: "Geez, my back is killing me. I'll take some Advil. Huh. Stretching? Not helping. Gah, why don't I have better painkillers? I'll sleep it off... What, still? Why won't it go away, it's been daaaaays?"

And of course, "Ow, my neck! Crap, what's going on? It's stuck. STILL stuck. Like, forever!"

Thanks to the junk in the air lately, the last couple of weeks have also featured a less common variant:

"Ack. Oh by god... I cad breathe! By doze is todally codgested! Nothing helps! I'b suffocading!"

Why can't these all be flying dreams instead?

ETA: here's a fun Chuck Wendig twitter thread on dreams...