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Out on the bike path...

I'll be getting up "early" tomorrow (around 8:30) to get sun-blocked and go biking before the heat becomes horrific. 104-106o tomorrow! Also last weekend. And the one before that. Gah, why do I live here?

Last Sunday, I came across bunches of people on recumbent bikes (actually, trikes). Those seem to be popular with overweight cyclists, which is understandable. Regular bicycles put most of your weight on the seat, where your sitz bones can really start to hurt (moreso for women, though not all women). The heavier you are, the more potential pain (I speak from experience), and your body isn't really designed for that type of contact. But recumbent bikes have a more "chair-like" seat, which distributes the pressure across your butt and back. Plus, biking is good exercise and (barring some structural problem) fairly kind to the knees.

The 15-20 people in Sunday's group were all on low-rider recumbent trikes (recumbent bikes are less common around here).
+ Great for people with balance problems who still want to bike.
- Visibility issues in traffic. Many people have flags, but the chest is the part of the cyclist most motorists see, and
being under 3-feet-high is riskier.**
? Possibly shifts pain from the sitz bones to your middle back? Recumbents help ease back pain for some riders, but they're torture devices for me.

I haven't seen any of those metal/fiberglass bike pods in a while (not sure what they're called, and a lot of them seem to be homemade). Not surprising, I guess. They cut the windchill in the winter \o/ but in the summer, you want that breeze. Otherwise, it's kind of like biking in a solar oven...

Quail sightings:
Two weeks ago, I saw a group of quail chicks with camouflage fuzz and bodies (torsos) about the size of kumquats. Still bigger than the ones from years ago that looked like fuzzy bugs.
Last weekend, a cluster of baby quail with new feathers, and bodies sized between kumquats and chicken eggs.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring, other than inevitable regrets about the utterly miserable heat. It's that cabin fever time of year! \o?

** There are taller recumbents, but most of those are bikes, which... personally, if I started to tip on one of those, I'm not sure I could get my feet down in time to keep from falling over like something in a cartoon. :O

Tags: cycling, omg the weather

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