The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The Boy is back in town...

I drove down to LA last Thursday to help move our son out of his dorm. I thought we'd be doing that Friday morning, but I got to LA too early to check into my hotel and I figured if I tried... I might not make it over to campus to meet our daughter for dinner. I mean, 3pm is when the evening Rush Hour Hell starts up. Really, it's most of the day. I do not know how people live there!

It's good that we had extra time, because it took at least an hour to clean up stuff left behind by one of his roommates. Gah. Fortunately, where both storage boxes/luggage and cars are concerned, I am the Tetris Queen! If only either of my kids had inherited that trait...

Our daughter drove up from San Diego to meet us for dinner, which was great. Between her finals and The Boy's move-out deadline, there was no way to actually drive down to visit her. Seems like such a waste when I'd already driven most of the way, but oh well. She looked wonderful, as always.

Then The Boy and I drove back up to Sacramento on Friday, talking and listening to music. Many thanks to those of you who recc'd podcasts to me awhile back! I listened to By The Book and Dear Hank And John on the way down, interspersed with music, and that made the trip SO much better. Especially since the GPS sent me over to I-5, where I suddenly recalled all the reasons I hate driving I-5 to LA. There are lots of little hills, and the semis try to pass each other on every frickin' one of them. Also, it's actually uglier than 99. Hey, at least 99 is mostly flat and has several areas that widen to 3 lanes. Just as long as you don't drive down across the valley-town rush hours, it's faster— or at least less aggravating (as HalfshellHusband and I learned this winter).

Friday night was unpacking, and then the weekend was a vague blotto space of bicycling and recovering from the drive. \o?

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