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Kiss me like you miss me!

Yes, we saw Deadpool 2 last weekend. We never saw Deadpool 1, but that's okay. Much like never having seen Thor—we still enjoyed the heck out of Thor: Ragnarok and all its hilariousness. Neither of us is a fan of the superhero genre, so it's more about the exceptions. Batman—the first two Tim Burtons and the Christopher Nolan set. Iron Man. The Winter Soldier. Wonder Woman. Luke Cage. (ETA: stuff with Wolverine...)

The snark, dark humor, and meta are off the charts in Deadpool 2, which is my kind of movie. More violent and juvenile in parts than I'd like, but it's about par for the genre.

We're creeping through the season finales of many TV shows:
  • The Blacklist- Yowza, and thank you for not making me hurt you on behalf of Aram. I'm still mad about the subplot a few seasons ago that implied Aram wasn't worthy of a 'hot girlfriend.' Please. He's smart, nice-looking, and sweet to the core.
  • Blindspot - I did not see THAT coming. Several of the "thats." Still mourning the loss of woobie-Roman, but that ship has sailed. Also, I loved the Patterson-centric oddly-repeating day this season, so thanks for that.
  • Ozark - Holy f**kballs, that Marty Byrde is an unlucky man. Also, Ruth is a master class in the distinction between book-smart and street-smart. She is damnably clever.
  • Bosch, S4 - That was great, and I still love the opening credits and the theme song. Now... how long until Season 5? Huh? Huh?

  • Pending: iZombie, Mr. Robot, Altered Carbon, Designated Survivor, and eventually, Elementary (still running).

    And in reading news, I've been on a Harry Bosch re-read kick. Recently finished Concrete Blonde, The Last Coyote, and I'm about 2/3rds of the way through Trunk Music again. This brings up my main Kindle peeve all over again: e-books should be cheaper than their softcover and hardback versions. It's ridiculous that something that can be endlessly re-propagated without material cost (once the formatting is set) should cost the same as a physical book-on-paper with printing and shipping costs! I still have a Kindle gift-card from our son that has never been spent, because of the ridiculous price of e-books. I keep looking for sales on, say, Harry Bosch books, because I know I'll re-read them. But they're still $9.99 per book. Give me a break. This is why I do all my Kindling with free books and library loans. :(

    /rant. Back to work.

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