The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Overheard at the Home Depot garden department...

"Look with your eyes, not with your hands."

I don't think I've ever said that to our kids, but at least one of them probably deserved to hear it. ;)

We went out to dinner Saturday night, and in the parking lot I saw something weird enough to investigate. A pair of large cat heads was staring at us from inside a car:

These are pillows that hook over the front seat headrests, to fill the gap in the sharp angle between the seat and where the headrest touches the back of your head. Maybe you're thinking, "Well of course, everyone knows that's a thing." It's news to me! And given the problem I have with the torturous modern headrest designs, those pillows are very tempting. ;)

Sunday, we went on a short trip to a neat place mentioned recently in the local paper: Baker's Street West. This is the upstairs of the large Hein & Company Bookstore, remodeled to celebrate all things Sherlock. It was terrific! There are mystery plays hosted there on occasion, and the 221B exhibit was really neat.

The bookstore itself has a lot of neat antiques as decorations among its various sections, as well as a spiral tower of books, and two store cats. :)

Next week: all the gardening and paperwork that did not get done this past weekend. :O

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