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I started working from home part-time last week, which did not go as well as I'd hoped. Sitting up is still a problem, and it's hard to find a position where I'm not putting too much pressure on areas I need to be careful about. Most of the various angles and maneuvers wind up making my back hurt...

I'm not spending as much time on the sofa as before, obviously, so not watching as much TV. Still walking twice a day, which has resulted in some blisters and the fear of reawakening my plantar fasciitis. My body is in shape to walk for hours, but my feet are not. Why can't they just behave? :(

I've read quite a few books over the last few weeks. The Nine: Thieves of Fate #1 took a while to finish. Interesting characters, kind of an AU England steampunk setting. Y Is For Yesterday was a quick and gripping read, and Precious And Grace a warm, comfortable one. The people and setting in the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency books always offer a soothing way to spend time. Then five more books, including All The Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater, which I picked because I enjoyed the Raven Cycle so much. I almost abandoned it after the first few pages, once the genre of magical realism became clear—that really isn't my thing. But the author's style persuaded me to keep going, and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Up next, possibly a re-read of a Harry Bosch book or maybe this is one is in a satellite universe that includes Harry but has someone else as the main character. \o?

On TV, we're watching Bosch Season 4, Altered Carbon (I'm really impressed with how well they're conveying so much of the book, and what they've added), Ozark, iZombie (catching up), and I'm pretty sure the Blacklist finale and possibly The Blindspot finale are sitting on the Tivo. We finished The Alienist several weeks ago, which was good but much gorier and darker than I'd like. Similarly, I'm wondering if we'll want to even finish The Frankenstein Chronicles, despite the lure of Sean Bean.

Movie-wise, we finally saw Wonder Woman, which was much better than we expected, and Baby Driver, which I think of as being in the "Flashy Trashy" category. Great driving stunts, though. Also in that vein, we re-watched The Boondock Saints over Spring Break, as our son wanted to see it. It's funny—I'd remembered that the whole Rocco character thing was bad, but I'd forgotten just HOW bad. O.U.C.H.Feels like the character was acted by an amateur who was a personal friend of the director. So much scenery-chewing! And then there's Willem Dafoe's over-the-top character, half gay stereotype and half homophobe. Also more awkward on the second viewing...

And to aid the walking, I've been listening to music and podcasts. I finished S-Town, recommended by our daughter. It was utterly fascinating but also heartbreaking, and yes—probably too invasive. But incredibly good. I'm trying to get caught up on Nightvale as well, which I used to save as a reward while running. Once I hit the three-mile mark, I would start and episode to help me through the last two miles. But I haven't run in almost two years, what with my feet waging mutiny, so now I'm incredibly behind.

Now I'm off to bed, with a work-day looming. Hoping to get caught up on reading my friends-list for the past few weeks and seeing what you've all been up to.

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