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Back, more or less kicking...

Sorry for the delay in posting. I think my original plan was to get back online sooner and let you all know I made it through the surgery okay, instead of letting scary silence build up. But that got lost in a blur of days of pain meds, not being able to sit up much, and then once I could... spending a horrific amount of time trying to finish my yearly self-evaluation stuff for work before yesterday's deadline. Pretty much all day yesterday, and I am SO glad that's over with. Now I have to finish our taxes over the next couple of days. :O

And no, I did not actually finish either of those before the surgery came up, despite all effort. I kept trying to do the work eval thing, and I just couldn't focus enough to summarize all of that coherently and in the new (New!Every!Single!Year!) format needed for the office. /o\

So, the surgery went well, but it was long. 4 1/2 hours in surgery, then 5 hours in the recovery room. Most of that last part was trying to get awake enough from the anaesthesia to go home. And to demonstrate that I didn't need the catheter any more, because nobody wants to go home with that!

I didn't even see the operating room. The anaesthetic hit while I was being wheeled through the hallway, so the next thing I know, I was in the recovery bay. Woke up in pain, and I thought the meds would have done a better job over time, but they just lessened the pain instead of blocking it. Still, could have been worse. Lots of unexpected groin pain along the tendons, which I realized afterwards meant that they probably had my knees spread apart for hours until the joints locked up. \o/ I couldn't move my right leg at all without lifting it with my hands. Funny—the pain reminded me of when I was pregnant and the kids's heads dropped to where they could cut the circulation to those leg nerves and numb everything until I couldn't move. Our son was the worst, since he could get both legs at the same time.

The pre-op and post-op recovery nurses were awesome, and I was home by about 6:30 p.m. for an exciting dinner of yogurt and a banana, and an early bedtime around 9:30. And thanks to having a pain medication that did not involve synthetic codeine, I got a fairly good night's sleep instead of the itchy restlessness after my first surgery.

So I'm home, on the mend, and mourning the six weeks until I can get back on the bicycle again. SIX WEEKS! I'll also be desperately trying to avoid gaining a ton of weight until then, so... \o?

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